Don’t Live The Illusion

Life is just a game, all you need to learn are the rules to help you win

Laws Of Creation

Create within your reality the things that you deserve that will make your life special.

Each day offers the chance to pursue something entirely new.

The path you create or follow becomes the story of your life.

Always seek out the pursue what gives you the most joy.

Within you is the freedom to become what you desire.

Freedom is found within what you aspire to become.

Life is like a game you can play by your own rules.

Never settle for anything less than what you have set out to achieve.

You are continually at the cross roads of your life.

Each new day offers the chance to pursue something entirely new.

Life can be as easy as you wish to make it or as difficult as you are prepared to believe that it is.

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The Solution

The true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition aiming to achieve your bliss.

Make your own Miracles, don't wait for miracles to happen; they need a spark of energy to make them real.

The beliefs you hold strongly in your mind will become your dreams and in time become your reality.

Silencing the brain's ramblings gives the chance for wonderful thoughts to bloom.

The quality of what you do determines the quality of your life.

Life has the meaning you give it, no more, no less.

You are limited only by our unwillingness to take action.

The path you create then follow becomes the story of your life.

Every day you have the freedom to pursue what you wish to become.

Find freedom in what you aspire to become.

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Life Is A Cocktail

Avoid letting circumstances control your decisions and dictate your actions, thereby controlling your life.

Avoid becoming entrapped by the mundane, pursue the best potential outcome for any situation.

Life is whatever you wish it to be or believe what it is or can become.

Only allow what contributes positively into your life.

The choice is to create your desired life-path or be a prisoner of fate.

How things are comprehended changes them.

What you don’t control can later come back to impact you.

Capture the positive perspective of life.

Make the changes necessary to create the life you want.

Chasing rainbows never offered the best results.

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Creating Your Reality

Harness the power of creation by taking what is, then making it into what it can become.

Life is not about finding yourself but rather creating who you wish to be.

The cost of anything is what you are prepared to do to obtain it.

Your life is the result of the accumulated choices you have made.

You are limited only by the unwillingness to take action.

Always keep focus on a desire long enough for it to become real.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that do exist for you.

Life was never meant to be taken seriously, it was meant to be a joy.

The quality of life is governed by the effort you put into giving life quality.

Life is your chance to create wonderful experiences.

The seeds of your reality are created by your thoughts; you make those thoughts real by your belief in them.

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The Solution

Achieving your heart’s desire is the key to living a life of bliss, bring your heart alive with a passion for living.

Life’s secrets are at the heart of all your desires

Achieving your hearts desires is the key to living a life of bliss

Utilizing the power of the heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.

Enliven your heart power by shifting focus from the mind to the heart.

What counts most is how you put your desires into action.

You are more that the identity your brain creates.

Open up to the true meaning of life by turning your attention to your heart intuition for guidance.

Pursuing your dreams with undoubting enthusiasm will turn the key to open your heart.

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Life Is Simply A Game

There are always endless possibilities available if only you are prepared to look for them.

Aim to seek out experiences that enliven your life.

Life is always what you are prepared to make it.

The cost of life is simply the value that was extracted from the time available.

Always ensure to keep focus on what you desire and not what others want you to focus upon.

Don't become what other people perceive you to be.

No matter what, make an effort to react positively to what occurs.

Persistent effort is what will create the life you most desire.

Each moment has the potential to be special and memorable.

The cost of freedom is being strong enough to find then implement your own desires.

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